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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 5, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, have you seen this teenage girl and this boy? minutes ago, the california highway patrol extended an amber out of san diego to the bay area. you might have received a text alert on your phone moments ago. 16-year-old hannah anderson an ethan anderson were kidnapped from the city of boulevard in san diego county on saturday. that's 60 miles east of san diego.
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the man suspected of kidnapping them is 40-year-old james dimaggio. police believe he may be headed to texas or canada. he was last seen driving a blue nissan versa. no word on the relationship between the three. but we'll keep you posted on any updates. good evening, everyone. >> another top story tonight, someone must have seen this. that's the plea from police, after a nursing student at san jose state was shot inside of a car in a busy part of town. seemingly by mistake. tonight, police don't have a motive and don't have suspects. george kiriyama spoke to her family and has the latest from downtown san jose. >> reporter: police have no idea who shot and killed a san jose state student this past weekend in downtown. but they're confident you know knows who did it. we talked to the family off camera tonight. but her death is too hard to
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take. her google-plus page shows photos of her smiling. her family says she was having a good time saturday morning. she was out celebrating with her friend, spending his last night in san jose before heading back to san diego to go back to school. police say she and her friend were in their car near second street when shots were fired. one of the bullets came into the car and hit and killed the young woman. >> we don't have suspect information or motive in this case. we don't have enough information. >> reporter: police say kimberly's friend was not hurt. investigators believe someone saw something because downtown san jose is usually busy on a weekend night. >> people walking around. we believe somebody saw something. and somebody knows something. we're hoping that the public is going to help us track this case and give us direction with the investigation. >> reporter: these friends visit downtown san jose on the
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weekend. they say it can get crazy. but nothing like this. kimberly's family says she graduated from independence high school. she was a nursing student. and about to begin her sophomore year. police say it appears she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> right now, our victim certainly appears to be an innocent bystander. tragic circumstance where's it sounds like she was driving through the area and a stray bullet struck her. >> reporter: tonight, her high school friends held a prayer service at the family home. if you know anything, call san jose p.d. >> such a tragic story. thanks, george. happening now, big delays at two bay area airports because of a computer glitch. people from sfo and san jose, said the computer system used to check in passengers is down right now. passengers are being checked in manually. and that's causing delays. the airlines affected at sfo are
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american, jetblue, virgin america and alaska airlines. at san jose, it's jetblue and alaska. we have calls out to oakland airport to see if airlines are affected there. we haven't received a response yet. hawaiian airline is also reporting problems tonight. right now, there's no indication when the system will be back up and running. also new at 11:00, tragedy in okinawa, japan. smoke could be seen rising from the area where a u.s. military hospital crashed. the crash site is on a marine base. three men were rescued. one member of that crew is still missing tonight. no word on what caused the crash. investigators say no one on the ground was injured. also at 11:00, gunfire at a council meeting in pennsylvania. tonight, three people are dead and three others are injured. this happened in ross township, about 85 miles north of philadelphia. a gunman blasted through a wall before a local official tackled
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him and shot the suspect with his own gun. the alleged gunman survived and is in custody tonight. investigators say he appeared to be shooting randomly. no b.a.r.t. strike today. but the clock is ticking to a new deadline. just six days until the next possible strike. late last night, governor jerry brown called for an independent review of the impasse between b.a.r.t. management and union employees. the governor appointed a panel to see why mediators and a bargaining unit cannot hammer out a contract for b.a.r.t. workers. >> disputes like this, particularly bitter disputes tend to be resolved in the remaining hours. this time around, they ran out of time. why has this been so acrimonious? some say it's the worst negotiations they've seen in decades. >> the panel will hold a public hearing this week. and they'll put together a fact-finding report for the governor. governor brown has the option to
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go before a judge to request an injunction. the governor can order a 60-day cooling off period. commuters have another concern tonight. a.c. transit workers may hit the picket line thursday morning. they delivered a strike notice today. a strike would mean no bus service. at issue, pay raises and health care costs. new videos providing new insight into the accidental death of a teenager in that crash site at sfo. we have the still images obtained by "the chronicle." a fire department source said first responders found the 16-year-old girl near the plane but failed to communicate that to supervisors. first responders may have thought she was already dead. investigators say the
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16-year-old girl was covered in fire retardant foam. a revealing day in the court for a former acrobat that went on a naked tirade. a b.a.r.t. worker tried to stop the man. according to him, there's much more to that bizarre incident than what's seen in that video. the worker says he growled like a gorilla, and fondled himself. he's due back in court later this month. his status, very public. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg spoke publicly for the first time on an issue he's been working on privately for months. immigration reform. jean elle is live in san francisco where the high-tech giant made his case tonight. and the facebook ceo citing motivationzk to act.
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>> reporter: mark zuckerberg introduced a film. he told the crowd, that immigration is good for business. but it's important for undocumented children who are facing uncertain futures. as i'm concerned, i'm i'm just waiting for my country to recognize it. award-winning"ifñ journalist, jose antonio vargas is fighting for immigration reform for himself and for millions of others. >> when i found out i didn't have the right papers. >> reporter: at a screening of his film called "documented," ii san francisco, local, state and federal lawmakers sat with undocumented immigrants and silicon valley tech leaders, like mark zuckerberg. >> it shows half of the top tech companies were founded by immigrants. directly. these are issues that don't just touch our part of the industry. but really touch the whole country. >> reporter: zuckerberg says he was familiar with.ljñ immigrati
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issues for foreign workers. but he formed an advocacy group, after meeting undocumented schoolchildren. >> i asked the kids what they were worried about. and one of the students raised his hands and said, i'm not sure i'll be able to go to college because i'm undocumented. >> reporter: big silicon valley names are joining the fight. has been criticized for its position on immigration reform. it's attracting experienced allies. immigration lawyers say it's a natural partnership. >> i think it's valuable. it's something we've been talking about for many years. how to bring the business sector in to support comprehensive immigration reform. immigrants are an important part of our economy. >> reporter: with vargas' film, putting a face on a complex
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issue, and zuckerberg's political muscle, advocates are hopeful congress will act. tonight, filmmakers and their silicon valley supporters are telling people to reach out to members of congress, to urge them to address comprehensive immigration reform. can a hamburger help stop global warming? the co-founder of google thinks so. and he put his money behind a major food breakthrough. sergei brynn funded the development of a test tube hamburger made from cow stem cells. the dutch scientists hope that making meat in labs can feed the world and fight climate change. >> there's three things that can happen going forward. one of, is we'll all become vegetarian. the second is, we ignore the issues and that leads to continued environmental harm. and the third option is we do something new.
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>> this is that something new. how do the burgers taste? well, volunteer testers said it has the texture of meat. but wasn't as juicy as meat because of the lack of fat. i can't stand to see mlb players doing drugs. >> some of baseball's youngest fans weigh in on the suspensions of 13 big leaguers, including alex rodriguez. what they and the man who helped expose the balco scandal are saying. could you pay $22,000 a year, not for college, but for preschool tuition? many local parents are doing that. we'll tell you what the tuition is getting the toddlers. is this wetsuit the key to preventing shark attacks? why the suit will confuse sharks, enough to keep you safe.
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an update, now, on our breaking story. the california highway patrol extending an amber alert out of san diego to the bay area. check your cell phone. the chp sent a text alert to the public about 20 minutes ago. many of our viewers saying it was a loud alert. 16-year-old hannah anderson and ethan anderson were kidnapped from the city of boulevard in san diego county on saturday. that's about 60 miles east of san diego. this is the man suspected of kidnapping them. 40-year-old james dimaggio. police believe he may be heading to texas or canada. he was last seen driving a blue nissan versa. a car similar to this one. no word on the relationship between the three. and we'll bring you more
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information as soon as we get it into our newsroom. 13, alex rodriguez. >> big story nationally. a chorus of boos greeting alex rodriguez in chicago tonight. the highest-paid player is part of a drug bust and suspensions by major league baseball. the yankees star is fighting his suspension and continues to play. this is one of baseball's biggest scandals. but it doesn't just impact the major leaguers. nbc's bay area's terry mcsweeney got a different perspective tonight. >> reporter: i'm at at&t park. some call this place the house that bonds built. barry bonds, his steroids scandal started surfacing about ten years ago. and fans of all ages, and the younger ones, get to go through it all over again. at the little league world series in livermore, it seemed everyone knew about the a-rod suspension. and to a man, a young man, they were disgusted.
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>> what example is he setting? taking drugs to enhance himself. it's pathetic. >> i've been playing baseball all my life. i'm an umpire at my little league. i'm so into the sport, i can'tñ stand to see mlb players doing drugs. >> reporter: when the youngsters were just toddlers, lance williams co-wrote the expose, "game of shadows." williams says baseball's more on top of the situation now than it was then. he is now with the center for investigative reporting. >> the players were never punish at all. >> reporter: upon learning that players were linked to performance-enhancing drugs, we pursued evidence. >> we'll sit in front of an arbiter. and give our case. and that's as much as i feel comfortable telling you right now. >> reporter: williams says baseball needs its own
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investigative body. but that costs big money. as does better drug testing. >> foolproof testing is a possible thing. but nobody wants to put up the tens of millions of dollars that would be required. >> reporter: at at&t park tonight, i asked fans about the a-rod scandal. >> alex rodriguez is not a baseball player. >> reporter: what is he? >> he's a fraud. >> don't care about alex rodriguez giants over here. we're going to climb out of last place. >> reporter: you heard lance williams say that bonds was never punished while a player. maybe it's coming to him, during his first year of eligible for the hall of fame. the all-time home run king, barry bonds received less than half the number of votes he needed to get into the hall of fame. will it be any different for a-rod? live at at&t, terry mcsweeney. >> we'll' what happens in this case. we'll have more on the baseball suspensions. and we'll hear from a defiant alex rodriguez in a few minutes. just in, a computer system
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outage that was causing delays across the country is over. a spokesperson from san jose airport said the system went back online just a few moments ago. a lot of airlines use the system. the outage affected several airlines at sfo and san jose, including american, alaska, jetblue and virgin america. again, the system is back online. police say it was intentional. we're learning more about the suspect accused of plowing down pedestrians on the venice beach boardwalk. police say surveillance video captures mason campbell in his car, possibly scouting the boardwalk before speeding towards the crowds on thursday. a 32-year-old italian woman was killed. and campbell asked how many people had been injured. the reason he was booked for murder is based on the preliminary stuff that our investigators saw out there. they believe it was an intentional act. >> the motive is still unknown. police believe campbell was a
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transient living in his car. he has been arrested several times before, including for reckless driving in florida and trespassing and shoplifting in colorado. today, they were considered homeless. tonight, they could be criminal. the palo alto is expected to vote at this late our on a controversial law that would make it illegal to sleep in vehicles. supporters of the ban have raced the concerns about safety and sanitation. some say it targets the city's most vulnerable residents that have no place to go. >> my situation is this. living -- car camping. and there's not a lot i can do about this until i get a job which i'm waiting for my broken leg to heal. i'm stuck for a while. >> almost 11:20 right now. the meeting continues at this hour. we'll have information on the
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vote. every parent wants the best for their children. that could include paying more than $20,000 a year for an education. a preschool education. san jose's brand-new harker preschool charges a tuition that's equivalent to many universities. what do you get? for $22,000 a year, there's an arts studio, and a seven-acre campus. is it worth it? the school's director says the preschool can give students a competitive competitive edge. >> i think play provides all of the academic preparation and is academic for this age. there's so much learning that is prereading and prewriting and early math that's happening. that comes out in their experiences from play. >> the new preschool opens on september 3rd. their goal is to enroll 120 students. >> you said $22,000? >> yes. >> just wanted to clarify. let's bring in jeff raineri with other numbers.
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>> yes. our numbers are lower here. and no indication of our price. we'll get to that forecast coming up. let's get a look here. the marine layer is strong today. the winds, 10 to 20 miles per hour from the coastline, back here to the trivalley. that's why we do think tomorrow morning we're going to have issues at sfo. delays that could run in upwards of one hour. not only the low clouds, but possibly some drizzle, making it to the highway 101 corridor tomorrow morning. if you're picking anybody up or taking off yourself, do be prepared for that. otherwise, on the tuesday forecast, it's going to be cloudy at the coastline. no big headline there. but the low clouds will spread all the way inland, tomorrow, until 8:00 a.m., with the temperatures starting off in the mid to upper 50s. by 4:00 p.m., we'll get some sunshine inland. but temperatures only in the upper 70s there. low 70s by the bay. and mainly upper 50s at the coast. let's get you outside to the sky camera network.
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it's what you can't see in our camera at this hour. because the low clouds have started to filter in. again, as we talked about, that onshore flow. you can see the marine layer about 3,000 feet. the city lights illuminating the cloud cover and making it look beautiful there. let's get your fog forecast in here tuesday. all factors back in the trivalley. santa clara county, expecting the low cloud cover. by the afternoon, not only low clouds at the coast. i think it could be one of those afternoons where we get the low cloud cover staying in the valley. and throughout portions of the peninsula, as well. the coastline, the closer you get, the more cloud cover is going to stay banked up. with a second day of this strong onshore flow, temperatures are going to go down a little cooler. we don't often say that in summer. 74 in palo alto. the warmest locations, morgan
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hill and gilroy. 78 in pleasanton. likely struggling to get to 80 in livermore. look at this, from danville, 82, to 69 in hayward. also, major microclimate extremes from 65 in half moon day, to 75 in napa. the area of low pressure will linger all the way through thursday. going to keep the mild pattern in place, as you see on the seven-day forecast. showers off to the north. we're not putting showers in for us. if you're heading up to the california/oregon border on thursday, expect some rare wet summer weather. one more thing to do on our to-do list, will be happening at 1:00 p.m. you can watch that action live. >> as far as you know, good sailing conditions for them tomorrow? >> it's going to be okay. not the greatest. when you get the fog and the cool weather, the wind gradient doesn't set up. i think they can sail. but i'm not sure about speed records. a wetsuit that promises to
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the founder of amazon is making headlines for a big porch purchase. he's buying "the washington post." he will make it a quote, uniquely good new owner. we hear about the stories. surfers and kayakers bitten by sharks. >> now, a company says they have a wetsuit that confuses the sharks. it claims the designs can jumble a shark's depth perception making it hard to know what it's chasing. the designs are available in stickers for surfboards, kayaks and other sports gear.
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these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive.
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well, it was hardly unexpected. the baseball world was rocked by the news that 13 players would be suspended for their involvement with biogenesis. 12 players got a 50-game ban. the 13th, alex rodriguez suspended through 2014. a-rod, would fight the ban. then, he made his season debut in chicago. there were boos out there. leading off the top of the second, a-rod, a bloop to left. this was his only hit of the night. one for four, an 8-1 loss. before the game, an emotional a-rod did speak to the media. >> the last seven months has been a nightmare. it's been probably the worst time of my life, for sure. disappointing with the news
11:29 pm
today. no question about it. but what we have always fought for is for the process. and i think we have that. and i think at some point we'll sit in front of an arbiter and give our case. not showing their first pitch. jeff francoeur the hero. hunter pence scores in the eighth to make it 2-1. joaquin arias. two runs would score. the giants hold on to win, 4-2. duane kuiper tried to put all of today's events into perspective. >> if you're a person that doesn't care that much about baseball and maybe you don't even like it and you have an opportunity to take a shot at baseball, you can say this is a bad day for baseball. but if you love the game, and if you want the game to be played right, this is a great day for baseball.
11:30 pm
sticking with the giants here. ryan vogelsong says he is ready to go. the right-hander will come off the d.l. and rejoin the rotation friday against the baltimore orioles. vogelsong has been sidelined 2 1/2 months with a fracture in his right pinkie. 49ers linebacker patrick willis underwent surgery to repair a fracture in his right hand. he's broken the same hand twice before. he's expected to be back for the season opener september 8th. and good news. seth curry keeping in shape with a little zumba. he tweeted this with the #nodays off. we're going to get out of here. that's it for sports. more news coming up. what are you doing back there?
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but that's no reason to skip the grateful dead tribute night at the ballpark. ♪ the rockets' red glare >> that's bob weir, an original band member singing the national anthem. he was joined by tim flannery on the right and his brother, all part of a big night at the ballpark. one of the most popular nights of the season. >> have a great night, folks.
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